Singularity in Heritage

Singularity in Heritage: A Digital Resurgence of Tradition




Art Dubai


Gazelli Art House


Dubai, UAE


Trailblazing Azerbaijani digital artist, Orkhan Mammadov, presents a unique confluence of heritage and technology in "Singularity in Heritage." This project, rooted in autonomous AI art, was initially showcased at prestigious platforms like the Venice Contemporary Art Biennale and the Moscow International Art Biennale.


The NFT drop, featuring both video works and stills, stems from an AI algorithm meticulously crafted by Mammadov. Delving deep into over 150,000 archival images of carpets, rugs, kilims, and ornamental patterns, the artist's algorithm identifies connections between these designs. This neural network-driven endeavor facilitates a transformative journey through the visual history of traditional carpets. What emerges is a digital recreation, culminating in the Metaverse's inaugural carpets and Middle-Eastern wall designs.

The collection encompasses 333 distinct NFTs, encapsulating three of Mammadov's extensively researched domains: carpets, Persian miniatures, and pre-Islamic oriental patterns. Varied in format and price, these NFTs cater to a broad spectrum of collectors, with pieces ranging from .1 ETH to 5ETH. The collection goes live on the 9th of March, with physical displays scheduled for Art Dubai Digital and the World of Web3 summit in March.

Mammadov, a native of Azerbaijan’s culturally rich Ganja city, draws inspiration from luminaries like Mahsati and Nizami Ganjavi. His passion lies in the amalgamation of historical preservation with AI-generated art, evident in his illustrious "Repetition" series. His creations resonate with the profoundness of traditions and histories, underscoring the vitality of tangible and intangible Middle Eastern legacies.

Unlike many contemporaries, Mammadov's foray into the NFT domain isn't merely technology-centric. He delves into the tangible beauty of yesteryears, striking a harmonious balance between the past's richness and the digital future's promise. In "Singularity in Heritage," Orkhan poses poignant questions about technology's dual role as a preserver of memory and a wielder of influence.

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