The Idea of Saving Aesthetics

Weaving artificial patterns to authentic threads




The Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art


Azerbaijan Pavilion


The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, RussiaThe State Tretyakov Gallery


The Idea of Saving Aesthetics, integrates Azerbaijani carpet heritage with modern AI algorithms. By analyzing traditional patterns, the AI crafts unique designs, bridging historical aesthetics with digital innovation. This piece juxtaposes tradition with futurism, exploring the rich tapestry of cultural evolution in the digital age.


Azerbaijani history is rich with the resonance of carpets, not just as functional items but as profound vessels of cultural narrative and aesthetics. Encoded within each carpet are distinct ornamental forms—vibrant geometric patterns, intricate floral motifs, and mesmerizing calligraphic shapes. Though united in theme, the specific combinations whisper tales of diverse regional identities.

In today's digital zeitgeist, the term 'pattern' has evolved, echoing machine algorithms that discern regularities in expansive data sets. Orkhan seamlessly blends this contemporary understanding with the historic significance of Azerbaijani carpets. Utilizing an AI algorithm tailored to dissect traditional carpet designs and ornaments, he embarks on a quest of artistic exploration. The outcome? A neural network that crafts patterns—imbued with Azerbaijani spirit, yet never having truly existed in tangible reality.

The Idea of Saving Aesthetics is not just an artwork—it's an introspective commentary on data's dual role as both a wellspring of artistic inspiration and a potential pitfall in an era marked by global transitions, cultural amalgamations, and the ascent of nationalism.

Historical records, enriched by memoirs of European researchers and travelers, highlight Mediaeval Azerbaijan as a beacon in the realm of carpet-making. Post the Islamic Golden Age, these Middle Eastern patterns and ornaments found an eager audience in the West. In Azerbaijan, carpet weaving transcended the definition of art—it was an inherited legacy, conscientiously passed down through generations, continually refining its emblematic symbols.

Orkhan's innovative approach to these revered emblems establishes a dialogue between eras—a conversation oscillating between the warmth of yesteryears and the promise of tomorrow, between tradition's embrace and the thrill of the unknown.

This artwork offers viewers a guided journey through the genesis and essence of these ornamental masterpieces, unfurling their storied histories and the regional narratives they shelter. Furthermore, it paints a vivid tableau of these patterns' global odyssey, spotlighting their contemporary residences and roles worldwide.

Dive into a narrative that melds heritage with avant-garde, anchoring the annals of the past in the vibrant possibilities of the future.

In permanent collection of The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

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