Revival of Aesthetics




Revival of Aesthetics - Immersive Cultural Heritage Experience


Theatre of Digital Art, KANVAS


Dubai, UAE


Carpets, more than mere home adornments, are intricate tapestries of cultural tales and traditions. Mammadov's exhibition challenges the fine line between art and craft, redefining the narrative of these woven storytellers. Marrying traditional weaving with the prowess of machine learning, he ushers these artifacts into the digital age, preserving Azerbaijani cultural history. As we stand at the crossroads of age-old techniques and future-forward technology, “Revival of Aesthetics” invites you to explore the harmonious dance of the past and future, interwoven seamlessly.


For ages, carpets have adorned the floors of homes, acting not merely as decorative embellishments, but as rich tapestries of cultural narratives. They serve as mnemonic devices, passed down from generation to generation, subtly imprinting collective histories, passions, and insights. The intricate geometric designs, lush floral patterns, and profound calligraphic shapes woven into these tapestries are anything but arbitrary. They encapsulate stories, symbolisms, and a rich heritage that oftentimes remains unnoticed.

Artist Mammadov rekindles the spark of these artful communicators, challenging conventional perceptions of artistry. Why, he posits, should a painted canvas be distinguished and celebrated more than the vintage carpets that bear an equally compelling tale? Mammadov's work dances on the cusp of fine art and craft, blending the two into a seamless union.

At the heart of this exhibition lies a technological marvel: the union of traditional weaving techniques and advanced machine learning. Mammadov's ambitious endeavor saw the digitization of thousands of age-old carpets, allowing algorithms to weave the remaining narrative. This innovative approach of employing Artificial Neural Nets draws parallels to human cognition, as these systems assimilate vast information, identify patterns, and generate intricate visualizations reminiscent of age-old designs.

Delving deeper into the intricacies of this synthesis, we encounter the Generative-Adversarial Network (GAN) - an avant-garde deep learning architecture. It comprises dual interlinked neural nets, where one crafts counterfeit imagery while the other discerns its authenticity. This intricate dance of creation and evaluation leads to refinement, bridging the traditional with the digital.

Yet, “Revival of Aesthetics” is more than just a celebration of craft and technology. It seeks to immortalize a rapidly disappearing cultural legacy through the lens of digital proliferation. By archiving these timeless designs within the realm of NFTs, Mammadov aims to safeguard an invaluable part of Azerbaijani cultural history, fostering dialogue between the bygones of craft and the advancements of technology.

In this era of ever-increasing digital nomadism and global connectivity, Mammadov presents a contemplative question - when heritage becomes raw data, are we at risk of losing its essence amidst the cacophony of cultural diffusion and historical commodification? This exhibition stands not just as a showcase but as an archive, a testament, and a library of intertwined histories. Here, the past and the future coalesce, forever bound by the threads of innovation and tradition.

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