Carpetdiem Experiments

Generative interpretation of Azerbaijan carpet designs.




Carpetdiem Experiments




Dubai, UAE


Carpetdiem is a generative interpretation of Azerbaijan carpet designs. The traditional carpets are woven meticulously by artisans and the underlying code tries to emulate these intricacies through simple yet sophisticated algorithms. At its core, the code uses fractals and recursion to generate unique designs on each execution of the code. The Carpetdiem is a representation of the magic in mathematics through a mesmerizing display of the fractal geometry that unfolds like blossoming flowers to infinity. Spontaneously evolving designs captivate the viewer by a hypnotizing temptation and take them to an exquisite journey on a magic carpet. Indeed, revealing the unique beauty in mathematics is at the core of artist’s work. The recursive fractal system that was derived from the Sierpiński carpet formula subdivides the shape of the equilateral squares consecutively while the algorithm generates a different configuration at each run and creates unique patterns autonomously.


Carpetdiem, a digital odyssey that weaves together 555 generative carpet forms through the alchemy of ancient wisdom and contemporary algorithms. Unveiled on 23 March 2023, this tapestry of artistry unfurled itself to the world, and within the span of a single week, all pieces were claimed. What makes Carpetdiem resonate with its audience is its living, breathing essence. It’s a collection frozen in time yet ceaselessly evolving, captured in 555 unique NFTs that sing a song of both history and innovation. Under the creative orchestration of Mammadov, each algorithmic run births a new artwork, a seamless fusion of millennia-old patterns with the pulse of our automated age.

Yet, Carpetdiem transcends the boundaries of mere art and technology. It’s a bridge, meticulously engineered, that spans across time, connecting the past’s rich traditions with the future’s limitless potential. Through the digital loom of the blockchain, Mammadov has woven a magic carpet, inviting you to step onto it and journey through the echoes of a bygone era, a cultural memory reborn in pixels and code. This magic extends even further, bestowing upon its holders more than mere ownership; it grants them the intellectual property rights to their piece of art, opening doors to monetization and exploration. Carpetdiem becomes not just a piece of art but a symbol of empowerment, a nexus where creativity meets opportunity.

Inspired by the intricate craft of weaving, the vastness of savannahs and deserts, and the mystical cadence of mathematics, Carpetdiem offers an experience that transcends the visual. It’s an encounter with time, space, and existence, a harmonious dance that blends tactile memory with digital imagination.

In Carpetdiem, the whispers of ancient weavers find new voice, the elegance of mathematics finds new form, and the barren landscapes find new life. It’s an art form that thrives at the intersection of history, innovation, and beauty, a testament to human ingenuity, a celebration of culture, and a beacon guiding us toward a future where the past is never forgotten but continually reinvented. In the interwoven threads of Carpetdiem, we find a piece of ourselves, a reflection of our journey, and a glimpse into the infinite possibilities that lie ahead.

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